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The areas in need of financial planning and preparation are endless. From college planning to retirement planning, each area requires the utmost care and attention to ensure your financial goals are achieved. H&J CPAs are the ideal resource to assist you with immediate and future financial plans. With the expertise of our experienced accountants, you will receive the highest level of knowledge. Let us assist you as we travel through your financial goals and work together to ensure your desired outcomes are achieved and your financial needs are met in every area of your life.


With the cost of college education rising, and the financial aid available decreasing, now more than ever, our customers need knowledgeable advisors to help them navigate these waters. We will help you as you prepare for your child's education, and can provide you with resources and tools to help you start planning today.


The prospect of saving for retirement is often delayed or the task seems so daunting the subject is avoided. This is where we can help. By using our advisors who specialize in retirement planning, we can work on an individual basis to help you set and meet your personalized retirement goals. That destination retirement property is just a phone call away. All of us dream about a comfortable retirement. Let us help you make this dream a reality.

Specific Needs

We are here to help with all areas of your finances.  Whether it be estate planning, investment planning, or risk management, we can help you with your specific needs.  We have qualified staff available to provide you with the knowledge you need and to answer all of your questions.  We are here to help in all areas of your life so that you can relax knowing your financial goals will be met.


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