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In this ever changing business environment, we can’t stress the importance of having certified, qualified experts to advise you in all areas of Mergers & Acquisitions. This is why we at H&J CPAs are proud to offer the support and extensive knowledge you need. Don’t let a mistake on your accountant’s part cost you a business acquisition or sale. Let us provide you with a wealth of knowledge and work to ensure your outcome is achieved.

Due Diligence

Our staff can offer you assistance in the buy or sell-side. Knowledgeable in all areas, we can help you assess the value of your company or a company you are considering procuring. Do your due diligence by contacting H&J.

Tax Implications

We are the firm to call if you need tax planning related to the sale or purchase of your home, business or property. Providing you with a wealth of expertise, you can rest assured knowing your tax planning is in our hands.


Do you need help with due diligence on the sale or purchase side? We are the experts to assist you through this entire process. This can be a daunting task so let us advise you.


Would you like to learn more? Contact H&J CPA today.

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