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H&J Portal Access Instructions

In today's business environment, it's possible to do more and more anytime, anywhere, thanks to the internet.

And now, you can work with us online as well. You can access a variety of services anytime, right from our website. It's as easy and secure as online banking, and all it takes is a NetClient CS portal.

Once we set up your portal, you can:

  • Get copies of your tax returns; no need to call us or hunt for your paper copy.
  • Send us your QuickBooks files, financial statements, or any other files. It's encrypted, simple to use, and much more secure than email.

It's all completely private and secure. And once you're set up, it's as easy as logging in to your client portal using a secure ID and password. Please contact us if you would like to register for this service by calling 440-951-2997 or emailing info@h-jcpa.com.

Once you are set up, here are instructions to access your portal:

1. Visit www.h-jcpa.com/client-login/ and login securely using your user name and password:

2. Once you are in, you will see the home screen below. Click on SOURCE DOCUMENTS to see what files are currently loaded into your portal:

3. To upload documents to the portal, click on FILE EXCHANGE from the menu on the left. 

4. Once in the File Exchange Menu, choose UPLOAD FILES HERE:

5. Choose the UPLOAD icon to launch the file uploader:

6. In the File Uploader, simply drag the files you wish to securely upload in the window:

Once complete the files will be accessible to the H&J team and available for your future reference. 

Please contact us if you need any assistance with the set up or maintenance of your secure document portal.