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Does the Purpose of the Valuation Impact the Valuation?

The purpose of a valuation will ultimately dictate, the standard of value to be used, the audience the valuation will be used by, and the type of report or means of communicating the result. 

In some cases, the scope of the project and the valuator’s relationship to the project (i.e. as consultant or expert) will also impact the valuation.

The purpose of the valuation is the question that should be answered first in determining whether the valuation expert has the appropriate expertise and background for the project and for the valuation expert, to better understand the scope of the project.

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David F. Zarlenga, CPA\ABV, CVA, CFE

Mr. Zarlenga is a Certified public Accountant with over two decades of experience. Mr. Zarlenga is regularly sought after for a variety of valuation engagements including those involving litigation as well as the estate and gift tax arena. He also is experienced in merger and acquisitions and fraud and forensic accounting.