At H&J CPAs, we are witnessing nonprofit campaigns benefit from crowdfunding in an explosive way.

Typically conducted online, crowdfunding provides ease of networking to raise many small donations from a large number of supporters.

Taking advantage of this fundraising method provides invaluable financial and promotional assistance:

  • Spread the word of your campaign to a broader audience, attracting both familiar and new donors.
  • Inspire supporters to share their contribution to your cause on their favorite blogs and social media platforms.
  • Receive real-time feedback and engage new investors to form lasting relationships.

Crowdfunding platforms are designed to host specific ventures, varying in features, costs, and theme. Be sure to choose the best site for you based on aligning values to make a greater impression on your audience.

Here are a few examples of popular crowdfunding sites for nonprofits:

  • Kickstarter – A prominent site available for any individual, company, or organization to utilize.
  • CauseVox – Specifically designed for smaller nonprofit organizations to reach their goals.
  • Indiegogo – A platform for creative entrepreneurs offering a free spin-off site, Generosity, to support nonprofits.

Be sure to consider these last-minute tips to launch your campaign:

  • Make sure your page is visually and emotionally captivating, sharing the story of your cause and your need for funding.
  • Network as much as possible, gauge your audience’s reaction, and involve your donors in the project if feasible.
  • Use the societal success founded by your efforts to attract larger sponsors.

Crowdfunding continues to be on the rise as a valuable tool for nonprofit fundraising and brand awareness. Learn more about crowdfunding and start the new year ahead of your goals by contacting H&J Certified Public Accountants today.