Many business owners become so focused on developing income that they underestimate the importance of sufficient security measures, and the cost of exposing your information to cyber attacks.

Digital criminals are betting on your company to have more worthwhile data than individuals, but with less advanced protection than larger corporations. From 2011 to 2012, the number of cyber crimes targeting companies with less than 250 employees rose from 13% to 31%, and nearly half of the crimes went after those with less than 1,000 employees. Then in 2014, those figures rose again as 60% of online attacks focused on small and moderate businesses alone.

To protect the future of your business with adequate data protection, be sure to follow the following crucial protocols.

7 Steps the Experts Want You to Know Now

  1. Conduct a security audit to illuminate vulnerable areas and understand potential risks.
  2. Set up a Firewall to prevent hackers from tampering with or stealing your sensitive information.
  3. Keep Antivirus Software up-to-date to catch and remove corrupt programs.
  4. Only open attachments, accept downloads, and click links with extreme caution.
  5. Strengthen passwords and change them often to make them more complicated to breach.
  6. Consider hiring a security specialist or an ethical hacker that will test system weaknesses and help you avoid costly threats.
  7. Most importantly, as the majority of hackers gain access through employee behavior, be sure to train staff on proper network and emergency procedures.

Hackers are increasingly using ransomware to hold your information hostage, as well as phishing tactics that steal data by impersonating a legitimate company. From the moment your system experiences a breach, expenses begin skyrocketing from recovery costs and loss of revenue, causing many small businesses to close entirely.

Guard your investments and ensure security measures are a top priority at your company by reaching out to H&J’s experienced team today.