You worked hard to obtain the funding your company deserves, but how can you be sure your finances won’t diminish too quickly once you’ve reached your goal?

Too many business owners get so caught up with funding that they can unintentionally neglect the long-term quality and stability of their organization. Rather than drowning from all-too-common, heavy financial mistakes, ensure funding helps your business thrive by following these spending ground rules.


  • Far after the checks have cleared, keep investors informed and involved to utilize their experiences and ensure satisfied relationships for mutual success.
  • Be selective when choosing the right lenders to limit unattainable expectations and time spent collaborating.


  • Stay away from expensive, flashy advertisements, and focus on targeting and attracting the appropriate audience effectively.
  • Develop an email list for consistent communication to introduce new products and broaden interest in your services.


  • Dodge the allure of expensive equipment, supplies, fixtures, furniture, and especially office space, opting for economical, quality choices instead.
  • Refrain from taking on too many employees, especially in sales, to avoid unnecessary layoffs and decreased staff satisfaction.
  • Be sure to maintain the quality of existing client relationships rather than allowing the potential of new customers to take control of operations.


  • Rather than only maximizing earnings in the beginning stages of fundraising, invest in responsible solutions that will keep your business flourishing long-term.
  • Avoid making large purchases beyond that of your normal budget to stay focused on your company’s overall goals.

While few business owners may possess the financial savvy to prepare for preparations and pitfalls, more often we see significant benefits from consulting with a professional once funding has been achieved.

To ensure the lasting protection of your investments, contact H&J CPA, and guarantee your financial gain will never cause your downfall.